Hey there, I am Shan 🤸🏻

A product designer leveraging creative processes and emerging technology to bring relevance, inclusiveness, and delight beyond the screen.

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Product Designer | Microsoft Research

Designing new AI platforms that accelerate R&D in commercial science through large-scale ML models and new search frameworks, making scientific discoveries more efficient and scalable.
jul 2022 - now

UX & Conversational Designer | Deloitte Consulting, Applied AI

Design and ship end-to-end UX, voice and immersive experiences for global clients in auto-finance, retail, aerospace and tech industries.
feb 2021 - jul 2022

Product Designer | Microsoft Bing

Designed and shipped features for search result page to improve engagement metrics. Prototyped adaptive frameworks for more efficient space utilization and enriched content.
oct 2020 - feb 2021

UX Designer and Researcher | Carnegie Mellon University

Led design teams to research, conceptualize and build products from ground tele-operation softwares for a lunar rover, mobile apps to tools for mitigating ML biases.
aug 2018 - oct 2020

Undergraduate Degree | Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelor of Architecture with additional major in Human-Computer Interaction.
Graduated with University Honor and College Honor.
On the side, I think about systems, design technology and space explorations.
I occasionally dabble in acrylic painting, and enjoy reading about architecture and ethics.
Currently mentoring on ADPList, watching documentaries like <How To with John Wilson> 👀
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